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An Everlasting Experience


The Christian Community has brought camp to life every summer for 50 years!


For children ages 8 to 14

Harmony Lake Children's Camp 2023:

Welcome to Harmony Lake Children's Camp!

Laughter, song, adventure, and everlasting connections are just a few joys of our beautiful summer camp experience! Started over forty years ago by Rev. Gisela Wielki, Harmony Lake Children's Camp offers a wonderful learning experience for any child ages 8 to 13. At camp, children learn from counselors and peers to appreciate real connections, the beauty of song, the love of adventure, and much more–all while in the embrace of Mother Nature.


Registration Is Now Open!


Please explore our FAQ page for questions about our Harmony Lake Children's Camp.


Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved with our camp, please explore the opportunities available. Click below to learn about becoming a counselor or donating to the Christian Community's Harmony Lake children's camp. 

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