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An Experience Like No Other

In the quiet of the early morning...

the counselors and staff silently gather around the tents and cabins of the sleeping children and sing a song to the morning. Awakening day and rousing the children from their slumber, night's stillness is broken with song and a new day of camp has begun!


Each counselor builds a daily rhythm to best serve the needs of each group of children. Sports, hiking, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming are balanced with artistic activities such as skits, painting, handcrafts, singing, and storytelling. A quiet time after lunch allows for reading or resting–a necessary breather in the pattern of the day.


Sundays are a special day. The day begins with a short religious service which all attend. In the afternoon, campers and staff join together for a community festival called Fair Day or for the presentation of prepared skits, or for the rousing Adventure Course day. We gather together for an evening bonfire, and another special Sunday at camp draws to a close.


At camp, our ever-present joy and laughter encircles the challenges of learning and sharing together. At home in nature, the the childrens' and counselors' time spent at camp forms a special and unique community experience. As they return home, the spirit of camp lives in the heart of each child.

Former Camp Director Rev. Carol Kelly on what makes Camp so special


A Step Away from the Busy World

Camp is a wonderful place for children to disconnect from technology and the stress of daily life. To truly encourage the children to connect with nature, campers do not use phones or computers of any kind throughout the weeks at camp.

My children have been going to this camp for the past three summers and they love it!


My daughter loves this camp with her whole heart. It’s such a nourishing place for her to be–full of song, nature, and the beauty of life. We are thankful.


My sons love this camp and I love sending them there. My oldest can't wait to be a counselor there!


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