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On the Water

Groups can kayak, paddle  board, and canoe during the day–maybe even take a day trip to a nearby island!


Day Trips

The counselors will often plan a day trip for the older groups to a nearby island or hiking trail. The group can work on projects, play games, or simply enjoy each other's company.



Swimming is a favorite at camp! Supervised by trained life guards, you'll find groups splashing about in ponds, lakes, and streams .


Everyday, at Harmony Lake Children's Camp, there are countless activities, games, skits, sports, and so much more for the campers to enjoy!


Special Interest Groups

Led by their counselors or staff, the oldest boys and girls partake in "special interest groups" after morning assembly. For our oldest campers, interest groups offer special activities such as yoga, calligraphy, theatre, and much more.



There are many hiking trails nearby for adventuring!


Creative Arts

Arts and crafts are a special and wonderful part of camp. Whether creating a large tapestry, painting, drawing, or simple wood carving, all the groups have a chance to show off their projects at our end of camp talent show. 

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