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Frequently Asked Questions

For campers, what is the rule for cell phone and electronics usage?


The campers are asked to not bring any electronics or cell phones to camp. However, we do allow the use of cameras for special occasions such as skit day. Should a camper bring an electronic device or cell phone to camp, they will be asked to leave it with their counselor for the duration of camp.

How do I stay in contact with my child(ren)?

Parents are encouraged to send letters or packages to their child or children. Please note: we ask that you do not send   any food or candy to your child while they are at camp. The mailing address is: The Christian Community Church, 10 Green River Lane, Hillsdale, NY 12529.

What should my child(ren) pack?

You will be emailed a detailed packing list when you register your camper. 

Is there financial aid available?


Please email camp director Reverend Carol Kelly at to inquire about financial aid. 

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